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If you require assistance, whether it is because you are seeking treatment, you have a suspected urological problem or you just need some general information or guidance please feel free to contact me, however, you should read the following first:-

The General Medical Council of the United Kingdom has given the following advice to doctors in relation to e-mail consultations.
1) The doctor asked to discuss e-mail cases will not know the full patient details.
2) Not all facts including the findings from a physical examination of the patient and the past medical history may be known.
3) There will be no provision for the monitoring of a case or follow-up care.
Accordingly, clinical advice should be obtained from your own general practitioner or surgeon. Unsolicited E-mail asking for medical advice, surgical or physician referrals and sources of medical information can only be answered in a general non-specific sense.

Should you wish to obtain detailed advice from Mr. Roland Morley, you are advised to make an appointment for a personal consultation.

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